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johnny walker

Johnny Walker - Executive Coach

As executive coach, I help business executives level up and achieve, beyond their current performance and understanding.

Executives that work with me are used to expecting results. I measure what I do, so that you know you’re getting what you need.

It won’t always be what you think you want.

You’re not a pushover and neither am I.

I’ll push back, you’ll fail forward and it will sometimes be challenging. Which is kind of the point.

I understand your challenges, because they were mine too.

Business Division start up – whole business start up – listed businesses, start up mentor and executive board director for fast growth businesses – I’ve been there and experienced that.

I’ll help you align and leverage your strengths to achieve your goals.

It’s what I do.

If you’re ready for change, then i’ll guide you through to the other side, where your next level of success awaits.

Ask yourself:

  1. How would my life be better, if I achieved my goal?
  2. What’s stopping me from achieving it today?
  3. What’s the consequences to me of staying put?

Johnny counselled me through a difficult transition in work. His ability to be objective and empathetic as well as his canon of knowledge expedited my success in a way I would not have been able to achieve alone. Plus he's a bloody good laugh.

Award Winning

In the corporate and entrepreneurial world, I’ve won my awards. It’s time to share the how of success with you.

Professional and Confidential

A safe haven away from the stress and distraction of your day.

Become a Leader amongst Leaders

Own the challenge and combine it with an intrinsic drive to become a leader of influence in your world.

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